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Mar 06


Kazuo Oga (various watercolour works c.1988)

Just. Wow.

Kazuo Oga is one of the most inconspicuously famous artists, which is inspirational in its own right by how humbling it is. You would think they were digital from an immediate approach, however upon closer inspection of the textures, lighting and layering it’s clear they’re perfectly hand crafter watercolour pieces.

His works, featured in the backgrounds of various Studio Ghibli films, are subtle enough to blend into the background of the films yet stand out alone as perfection of watercolour techniques and command of lighting.

Just considering there are scenes where the camera pans across his works for several long moments reflects the sublime quality of his work. And that he was able to develop enough artworks to supply several films with stunning backdrops is nothing short of breathtaking.

That’s a good word for it, “breathtaking”.

(via dustshaking)

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